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You started your business because you have a passion for your industry, and a vision of building something amazing by doing what you love. But bookkeeping isn’t your forte, and running payroll can sometimes feel overwhelming. Keeping track of budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow can be a bit complicated – maybe even burdensome. You know that you need to be mindful of these details to encourage the growth of this business that you have so carefully cultivated. But the necessity of handling these day-to-day tasks really puts you down in the weeds. ATLAS Accounting services are designed to help you free yourself from the tangle of number crunching, giving you time to rediscover that thing that made you want to start your business in the first place. Reconnect with your passion, your vision, and actively participate in the growth of your business, rather than hiding in an office. Allow ATLAS’s team of certified professionals to do the dirty work for you. Our Client Engagement Specials offer a variety of expertise, with our areas of focus spanning from Bookkeeping and Payroll, to management assistance as CFOs or Controllers for your company. We customize our work to ensure personalized attention for your business, while addressing your unique and specified needs.