Our Story.

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In 2010, seven accounting offices across Colorado and Arizona joined forces to offer a more robust range of services, which would be difficult to match had these offices remained separate entities. With a shared vision of caring for clients more holistically, our leaders chose a business name which would embody the primary focus of this newly formed, regional firm: Advisors That Listen And Serve. Shortened to the acronym, ATLAS, our name acts as the foundation of every client relationship we develop. Since 2019, ATLAS CPAs & Advisors PLLC has grown to become a team of 25 locations across Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Illinois, Wyoming, Texas (CMMS), Ohio, and California. This growth has been carefully curated with our clients in mind to provide more knowledge, expertise, and access. With teams across the nation, ATLAS offers a depth and breadth of services extending beyond traditional tax and accounting practices to business valuation, financial planning, insurance, and more; all while continuing to operate with the attentive care you expect from a small, “local” firm.
ATLAS is the umbrella under which we are expanding our service offerings. We now encompass a holistic suite of advisory and business operational services.
  • - Coaching & Advisory
  • - Entity Structure Planning
  • - Cash Flow Planning
  • - Business Operations & Documentation
  • - Independent Contractor/Employee Analysis
  • - Company Fringe Benefits
  • - Scorecard for Business
  • - Human Capital Management
  • - Strategic Planning
  • - Investment Advisory
  • - Risk Management
  • - IT & Communications

We Promise

to give your business the same time and attention that you do.

We have a vision

to be your trusted partner, resource, and advocate. To help you reach your goals by taking care of your operational needs. To unleash more time for you to do what you do best.
we promise


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You’ve made your task lists.
Sweated the details. Prioritized, planned and prepped.
You’ve built your business like only you can.
Carefully. Thoughtfully. Successfully.
And now, you’re ready to take things to the next level.
That’s where ATLAS Navigators come in.
As your trusted partner, resource and advocate.
Ready and willing to serve you.
We’ll shorten the distance between you and your horizon.
We’ll wrangle your operational needs and unleash more time.
We’ll steady your day-to-day so you can focus on the big picture.
Because innovation is calling, and we know you’re listening.
It’s your time to make your business move.
Time to work on the business rather than in it.
Time to get out of the weeds and onto the cutting edge.
And into the future we’ll go, together.