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Thank you for using ATLAS online invoice payment!

From the menu below, please select the office for which you are remitting an invoice payment. You will see that a 3-digit number is listed with each office. Please make sure the number of the office you select, matches the first 3 digits of your client ID. Your client ID can be found toward the top right of your invoice, listed below the invoice date and invoice number. After selecting your office location, please select your payment type (ACH or Credit Card) and then click the “Pay My Invoice” button below. You will be redirected to our secure payment platform hosted by Easy Pay Direct.

Please Select your Office/Client ID:
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Please note, we accept the following forms of payment: All major credit cards, debit cards, prepaid card & ACH Payments. ACH, Debit card, and prepaid card payments are not subject to a surcharge. Credit card payments incur a surcharge of 3%, which is never more than our merchant fee. Returned payments will be assessed a $35 Return Fee.