How ATLAS Can Help Now: Is Your Technology Protected?

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How ATLAS Can Help Now: Is Your Technology Protected?

Is Your Technology Protected?

Today, many people are working remotely – whether that is due to COVID19 or just regular operations for your organization. Remote users use various devices to access and use critical data while not physically at the organization’s facility.

Providing employees remote access is necessary today. But it comes with a big risk, data security. Additional security measures can help eliminate the majority of these risks. Remember, if even one employee is compromised through their device, all organization information is compromised.

Below is a list of the minimum actions our ATLAS IT team recommends that need to be taken by your remote employees to ensure their remote activity is secured and they are protecting their employer’s (your) data. Feel free to share this with your employees and colleagues.


  • Make sure you are connected to a wifi which you have control (you own/pay for or you know the owner). If you must connect to a public wifi (like a coffee shop or public building), let your employer know and get approval.
  • Change and use a strong password for your wifi. Never make the connection unsecured and without a password.
  • Use any of the WAP (Wireless Access Point) settings to encrypt the connection and with a strong password.




Solutions like VPN, Citrix and Remote Desktops are more secure and offer a controlled environment that an employer can provide to its employees.

To know more about any of these solutions, security concerns or any IT services we can provide to help you navigate this difficult and confusing time, contact us here.