The Secret of Learning

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The Secret of Learning

Would you like to know the secret of learning?

First, we have to have an open mind. This is an attitude shift. The key is having a childlike attitude. What do we mean by that?

Children are simple (and incredible) characters. They are curious therefore teachable. They do not have any false pretenses, so they are open to learning. They do not have any prejudices so they are willing to learn and learn from anyone. That attitude can lead to immense growth. We must be open, vulnerable, willing and honest.

We must be willing to see things differently and openly.

Everything around us has something to offer. Life has a knack of teaching us even through simple and trivial incidents and circumstances. Everyone around us has some value to add to our lives, be it positive or negative. We need to accept and believe an important truth that is: everyone in this world is unique. There is no other person like you in this entire world. If you are open, you will see the uniqueness and wisdom in others.

Psychologists agree that no two people can have the same personality. They can be similar, but not the same. They might think, behave or talk similarly, but are not the same. Not clones. Unique.

Everyone has something they can teach you.

Once we understand this, learning becomes easier and exciting for us. It can even turn into something you regularly seek.

What each of us needs to learn is, we are not as smart as we think we are and there is always something we can learn to grow. Those who never stop learning, are the ones who never stop growing. The key is not to develop false humility. This can lead to the opposite of growth; decline. We should be secure in our knowledge and confident of our own talents and skills. But we must recognize the truth that everyone can contribute something valuable to our lives. True strength is humility and being teachable.

If you are open, willing to see things differently and listen to what others can teach – you will never stop learning and growing!



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